What are the beauties of Islam? How to embrace Islam? [PDF]

What are the beauties of Islam? How to embrace Islam? [PDF]

What are the beauties of Islam?

1. Islam transferred Man from the dullness of polytheism and worshipping the creature into monotheism and worshipping the Creator.

2. Islam changes the course of life of those who believe in it, as they were suffering from ignorance, backwardness and tribal disputes.

3. Islam has saved women from injustice inflicting them such as female infanticide, deprivation from inheritance and rights, and cruelty.

4. Islam requires that Muslims shall be physically and spiritually pure and clean.

5. Islam forbids transgressing Allah’s creatures, whether humans, animals or plants.

6. Islam encourage its followers the responsibility of calling people to Islam, saving them from fire.

7. Islam forbids taking intoxicant that may affect the mind, such as alcohols and drugs.

8. Islam forbids lewd and vulgar behavior, and forbids adultery.

9. Islam protects others property, it forbids damaging, or stealing another person’s property.

10. Islam preserves money so it prevents monopoly.

11. Islam requires social solidarity so it imposes Zakah[1] and encourages charity.

12. Islam achieves equality between the servants of Allah, despite their colours; Islam does not differentiate between white and black.

13. Islam requires five prayers daily, maintaining constant communication with Allah.

14. Acquiring reward from Allah are endless. A muslim must always be mindful of pleasing Allah, and it endless reward.

15. Islam leaves the door of repentance open, which leads to assurance and enthusiasm for repentance.

16. Every good thing made by Man deletes some of his sins.

17. Islam’s simplicity makes it easy for anyone to understand it, without any perplexity.

18. Islam’s flexibility and its ability to accommodate with the developments make it preserves its authenticity.

19. Islam is the true religion which Allah wants for all people. If there are multi-religions, there should be multi-gods. The Most Glorified Exalted is He.

20. Islam is the only religion whose followers possess a heavenly book preserved as it has been sent down to his prophet (PBUH).

21. Islam’s prophet (PBUH)[2] is the only prophet whose followers were interested with the most accurate details of his life and the statements made by him or his work and his perfect Sunnah which is the second source of Islam legislation.

22. While the messages of the previous prophets were directed to specific people and for specified periods, Islam was directed to all people until the Doomsday.

23. Islam is the only religion all over the world where its followers worship their Creator as per His instructions and not as was written by some people in the so-called of Holy Books.

24. Islam orders to be merciful to the weak and poor.

25. Islam purifies the biography of Allah’s prophets from any defects which non-Muslims accused them of.

26. It achieves equality between the rich and the poor in terms of treatment, in mosques and assemblies, the rich shall not be entitled to set the poor aside to sit in his place.

27. Islam imposes fasting on Muslims to teach them self control and a sense of what the poor feel from deprivation, and teaching them to be charitable.

28. Islam raises the human soul so he understands the importance of the hereafter.

29. Islam does not differentiate between a Muslim and others in giving charity.

30. Islam grants the neighbor rights even if he is not Muslim.

31. Islam encourages respect to the old and mercy with the young.

32. Islam insures rights to parents even if they are non-Muslims.

33. Islam imposes rights for the child even before his/her birth.

34. Islam respect and believe in all prophets of Allah.

35. Islam secures rights even for the dead.

How to embrace Islam?

Dear Reader: Embracing Islam is very easy… You have to believe that God alone is the administrator of all matters of the universe, that you love what God loves and hate what He hates, to trust Him alone, fear Him alone, invoke Him alone. All your invocations, any kind of worship and prayer, and indeed all your life will be to Allah alone. Leave what you have worshiped before other than Him, to believe that Allah is far above all the deficiencies such as the son, ‘He neither begets nor is born’ [Surah Al-Ikhlas: 3].

Further you have to believe that “Jesus” the Christ, the son of Mary is a servant of Allah and his messenger, his word sent to Mary, Spirit of God. Allah created Jesus by a divine miracle from a mother and without a father, and that he was not crucified, but Allah raised him. He is a prophet and messenger, like all other prophets and messengers such as Noah, Abraham, Moses and Muhammad prayers of Allah be upon them all.

Dear Reader, before embracing Islam, you have to say the two declarations of Islam, from your heart, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah” and in Arabic words: (ASHHADU ALLA ILAHA ILA-ALLAH, WA ASHHADU ANNA MUHAMMADAR-RASULULLAH).

I would like to congratulate you for this courageous decision, which is truly the most important decision in your life, this is the moment when you decided to surrender to Allah is the real moment of your birth, it is the moment that you liberated yourself from those who slandered a lie against Allah, distorted their religion and followed their desires to the worship of the true God. Now you have become the follower of the religion of Muhammad and Christ. (PBUT)3. You have to know that the greatest blessing from Allah that He chose you to embrace Islam, so be thankful to Allah for that blessing. (In Shaa Allah) you will feel peace in your heart that you never felt before. Whatever difficulties may come the calamity other the calamity of religion is trivial.

Last of our invocations Praise be to Allah, Lord of all the worlds.


[1] Alms-giving treated in Islam as a religious obligation.

[2] Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

[3] Peace and blessings of Allah be upon them.

[4] By Allah’s willing.

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