VEILS OF DIGNITY – An exposé on Muslim Women – Khadija Watson

“Since I was nine years old I have been on a quest to know who God is. He has endowed me with an unquenchable thirst to this end and it has led me to a lifetime journey in pursuit of it. Along the way I have found interest in everything from Buddhism, Animism, Spiritualism, Occultism, Catholicism and Christianity. It is Christianity that I pursued vigorously and sincerely both in my studies (Bachelor and Master’s degree in Theology) and my personal life as a professor and Christian missionary. Christianity presented the questions and how ironic that I found the answers in Islam! The first part of this book explores that discovery. The second part of the book looks at those topics in Islam that concern women most, especially since the Muslim woman has been portrayed in the poor light of suppressed and second-class citizens, with little education and little mind, and victims of the male society out to get her. I have taken the liberty here to incorporate comparisons in the different areas discussed and hope that no one will make this as an exception, seeing that I, too, am a Westerner.”