The Sacred Rawdhah – Its Boundary, Virtues, Monuments and most Prominent Developments – Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Sha’baan

Publication date: 1433 – 2012
Number of volumes: 1
Number of edition: 1
Number of pages: 72
Size: 51 MB
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Table of Contents

The Boundary of Ar-Rawdah
What is meant by the prophert’s words
The Virtues of Ar-Rawdah
The Mounuments of Ar-Rawdah
One: The Holy Pulpit of the Prophet
Tow: Hte Holy Prayer Niche (Mihrab) of the Prophet
Three: The Columuns (Pillars)
History of the Construction of Ar-Rawdah
Some Events that took place in Ar-Rawdah
The Palm Trunk Yearns for the prophet
Abu Lubabah’s Repentance
The Delegates of Banu Tamim
Ka’b Bin Zahair Embraces Islam
Abul-‘Aas Bin Ar-Rabee’ seeks refuge
Intellectual Learning Sessions in the sacred Rawdah
Juristic Legal Rulings Pertainig to the sacred Rawdah