The Key to Understanding Islam | Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha [PDF]

The Key to Understanding Islam | Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha [PDF]

The Key to Understanding Islam

The author: Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha

Translated by: Abdurrahman Murad

General Editors

• Professor Kamal Hassan Ali (World Language Multicultural and Gender Studies Director)

• Dr. Ahmad.Turkistani (Associate Professor at Imam University)

• Dr: Khider alshibani (solid state physics)

• Dr: Ibrahim bin Sa’ad Abu Nayyan

• Dr: Om Hssan AL Shreef (Literature)

• DAUWD Abu Sulaiman Mavins

• Khalid Walter Denston

• Abdulsalaam Abdullateef Al-Britani

• Abdussalam Schalabi

• Annie Torres


I. Introduction

II. To The Reader

III. What Is Islam?

1. What is Islam?

2. What do they say about Islam?

3. The Pillars Of Islam

4. Messenger Of Islam

5. What do they say about Muhammad ( )?

6. Pillars of Faith

7. What is Quran?

8. What do they say about Quran?

IV. Fundamental Goals

V. Etiquettes & Morals

VI. Rights In Islam

VII. What Do You Know About?

1. Kaabah

2. Black Stone

3. Station of Abraham

4. Well Of Zamzam

5. As-Safa & Al-Marwa

6. Jamarat

7. Muslim Eid

8. Prophets Mosque

9. Mount Hira

10.Dome of Rock Mosque

11.Al-Aqsa Mosque

VIII. Islam And…

1. Islam and Wealth

2. Islam and Women

3. Islam and Non-Muslims

4. Islam and other Divine Religions

5. Islam and War

6. Islam is the Faith of Peace

7. Islam and Society

8. Islam and Cleanliness

9. Islam and Knowledge

IX. Perspective On Sex

X. Muslims Love Jesus

XI. Islamic Civilization

XII. Scientific Explanations in Quran

1. Few Quranic Verses

2. Quran and the Beginning of the World

3. Quran on Expansion of the Universe

4. Quran on Celestial Bodies

5. Quran on Air Pressure

6. Quran on Darkness & Upper Levels of Space 7. Quran on Atom

8. Quran on Human Embryonic Phases

9. Quran on Oceans

10.Quran on the formation of Clouds & Rains

11.Quran on Animals

12.Quran on Mountains

13.Quran on Water & Life

XIII. Enmity Towards Islam

XIV. Why Become a Muslim?

XV. How Does One Become a Muslim?

XVI. Conclusion

XVII. References

XVIII. Favorite Links

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