Muhammad – The Prophet of Mercy – Haya Muhammad Eid

“This book talks about some situations from the biography of our Prophet Muhammad such as his life in Makkah, calling people to Islam, persecution for the early converts, migration to Abyssinia then Madina, Islamic country in Madina, conquest of Makkah, the farewell pilgrimage and his death. It also mentions his physical description and manner. In addition, it mentions what the Prophet said about the environment, treatment of animals and relationships with non-Muslims. It also sheds light on his appreciation of women and his love for children. On the other hand, it talks about what non-Muslim scholars have said about Prophet Muhammad such as Alphonse de Lamartine, Sir George Bernard Shaw, Michael Hart, Mahatma Gandhi, Thomas Carlyle, Edward Gibbon, Simon Ocklay, Annie Besant, W. Montgomery Watt Bosworth Smith, Wolfgang Goethe, Lane-Poole, W. C. Taylor, Dr. Gustav Weil, Washington Irving, Arthur Glyn Leonard and Jules Masserman.”