The Second Pillar: Prayer (Salaah) Prayer is the most important act of worship. Islaam pays great attention to it. It explains its merit and its position among other acts of worship. Prayer is the link between man and his Lord. For, it is through prayer that man’s obedience to hisContinue Reading

Table of Contents Preface The First Pillar: Statement of Testimony Meaning of ‘Testifying that there is no deity worthy of being worshipped except Allaah’ 2 Conditions of the Statement of Tawheed 3 Unanimity of the all the Messengers on the Word of Tawheed 7 Meaning of testifying that Muhammad is theContinue Reading


Contents Definition The Benefits of I’tikaaf The Connection between Fasting and I’tikaaf With the Prophet (s) in his I’tikaaf His Guidance Concerning l’tikaaf The Aims of I’tikaaf Different Types of I’tikaaf The Ruling on I’tikaaf The Conditions of I’tikaaf The Pillars of I’tikaaf The Place, Time and Starting Point ofContinue Reading