The Key to Understanding Islam | Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha [PDF]

The Key to Understanding Islam The author: Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha Translated by: Abdurrahman Murad General Editors • Professor Kamal Hassan Ali (World Language Multicultural and Gender Studies Director) • Dr. Ahmad.Turkistani (Associate Professor at Imam University) • Dr: Khider alshibani (solid state physics) • Dr: Ibrahim bin Sa’ad Abu Nayyan •Continue Reading

Understanding Islam [PDF]

The state of Qatar has opened its gates to other cultures and civilisations while maintaining its local identity. FANAR, the Qatar Islamic Cultural Centre is one of the most important landmarks, with its great design along with a spiral minaret that reflects light and guidance for the whole of mankind.Continue Reading

There are so many established scientific facts in the Quran which are considered miracles because there is no way anyone could have known the kind of facts mentioned in the Quran over 1,400 years ago. But there are also some people who try and interpret things in the Quran toContinue Reading

Religion and science are two very important factors in human affairs and motivations, whether in conflict or in conciliation. Down the ages, false religiosity has been at logger heads with scientific understanding, advancement and truthful reasoning. Most religious scriptures have been assessed by scientists as conflicting with many places ofContinue Reading