Its meaning Fasting literally means abstention. In Islaamic terminology, it means abstention from food, drink and other pleasures from dawn to sunset. Its rule Fasting in the month of Ramadaan is one of the great pillars of Islaam. Allaah says, “O you who believe! Observing As-Saum (the fasting) is prescribed forContinue Reading


Contents Introduction Muslims are Distinguished by their Festivals 1- Ahkaam al Eid (Rulings on Eid) Fasting Ruling on the Eid Prayers Essentials and Timing of Eid Prayer Description of the Eid Prayer Recitation of Qur’aan in Eid Prayers The Prayer comes before the Khutbah Not Delaying the Prayer Nafil PrayersContinue Reading


Contents Definition Why Zakaat al-Fitr has been Legislated Ruling on Zakaat al-Fitr When it must be Given Who must pay it? Amount of Zakaat al-Fitr Types of Things that my bc Given The Time for giving Zakaat al-Fitr To Whom it may be Given Payment and Distribution Where to giveContinue Reading


Contents Definition The Benefits of I’tikaaf The Connection between Fasting and I’tikaaf With the Prophet (s) in his I’tikaaf His Guidance Concerning l’tikaaf The Aims of I’tikaaf Different Types of I’tikaaf The Ruling on I’tikaaf The Conditions of I’tikaaf The Pillars of I’tikaaf The Place, Time and Starting Point ofContinue Reading