The reason behind the enmity, its history, and its severity The enmity between humans and Satan is rooted in an incident that took place a long time ago. One must go back to the day that Allah formed Adam, before He breathed His spirit into him. Satan went around himContinue Reading

1. Meaning of Pre-decree (Al-Qadar) and the importance of belief in it Pre-decree is Allaah’s preordainment for all beings according to His Fore-Knowledge and Wisdom. This goes back to Omnipotence of Allaah, and that He has power over all things and He does whatever He wills. Belief in pre-decree isContinue Reading

1. Belief in the Last Day It is to believe in the end of the life of this world and entering, after that, into another life. This new life starts with death in this world and passes by the barzakhiyyah life, the Final Hour, the Resurrection, the Gathering and theContinue Reading

1. Belief in the Messengers It is one of the pillars without which the faith of man cannot be complete. Belief in the Messengers is to have a definite conviction that Allaah has Messengers whom He has chosen to convey His Messages to mankind. We must believe that whoever followsContinue Reading