The Key to Understanding Islam | Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha [PDF]

The Key to Understanding Islam The author: Abdul-Rahman Al-Sheha Translated by: Abdurrahman Murad General Editors • Professor Kamal Hassan Ali (World Language Multicultural and Gender Studies Director) • Dr. Ahmad.Turkistani (Associate Professor at Imam University) • Dr: Khider alshibani (solid state physics) • Dr: Ibrahim bin Sa’ad Abu Nayyan •Continue Reading

Understanding Islam | Atiya Saqr [PDF]

UNDERSTANDING ISLAM: A Simplified Introduction to its Basic Principles Shaikh ‘Atiya Saqr (Former Chairman of Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee) Translated by Dr. Muhammed Gemei’ah Revised by Prof. AbdelRhim Saadeldin AbdelRhim Edited by Dr. Ahmad Elezabi The True Islam Series (08) Table of Contents Prologue Foreword Translator’s Notes The Religion of IslamContinue Reading


Islam came to protect five necessities for the human being. They are: Religion, Life, Regeneration, Money and Brain. Religion: Islam came to protect the human rights to choose his religion, meanwhile encourage human to truly think and search about the truth. Also, this protection contains spreading Islam, defending it andContinue Reading