Acknowledgments My gratitude goes to Dr. Atuf Yasin for spending some of his time in revising this booklet, may Allah reward him in the best way. My gratitude goes also to His Excellency Sheikh Beih Ibn As-Salik, the chief of the Shari (religious) Jurisdiction in Al-Ain for revising and introducingContinue Reading


TABLE OF CONTENTS MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE Polygamy Arranged Marriages The Guardian Child Marriages Marriage to Non-Muslims Rape in Marriage Violence in Marriage Divorce: Easy Divorce: A Man’s Right Alimony WOMEN’S RIGHTS: BIRTH CONTROL I Abortion II Contraception Population Control Hijaab Inheritance Two Witnesses Separate Education CRIMINAL JUSTICE Murder Theft AdulteryContinue Reading


Creationism, natural selection, intelligent design, the theory of evolution. Thinking about the creation of the world, the universe, and humankind can be confusing. There are theories, opinions, and beliefs that state that the creation of the universe was a random act, that humankind evolved from apes and that living creaturesContinue Reading