Miracles are essentially the “Signs of Allah shown to whomsoever He like. The Last Prophet’s abiding “sign” for all time to come is the Qur’an, each verse of which is termed as “sign” (Ayat). More than once the Qur’an itself threw an open challenge to the proud Arab stylists to match it with their own composition in diction and import. But that challenge has remained unaccepted. When a miracle takes place, that by itself can not be a direct evidence of prophethood of the person who exhibits the miracle.

However, a miracle impresses people with the fact that the person has the spiritual power needed for the showing of the miracle and that he must be true in his claim of prophethood. Moreover, it has been understood, through the ages, that a prophet always has some ultra-natural powers. Therefore, whenever a claim of prophethood has been put forward, people have demanded a show of miracles. In this way, a miracle is a psychological sign of prophethood.

This book has the unique distinction of making the most comprehensive and systematic approach to the subject. It tries to establish the supremacy of the spiritual world over the material one, for the prophets show to the world acts and deeds which are not explainable in terms of worldly thought and logic.


Miracles are the signs of Allah, the Exalted. These are beyond human comprehension, experience and observation. These events and incidents transcend this material world of ours. Our spiritual world is kept intact and systematic as this world is regulated under precise laws. As we see night following the day, the sun and the moon moving on their orbits and seasons repeating themselves regularly, so we have in our spiritual world, light and darkness, spring and autumn.

Prophets can not perform miracles of their own. Every such act of his is an act of Allah, the Almighty. It is generally exhibited by Allah through the prophet.

Just as there are a number of things and happenings of which we do not know reasons, similarly we do not know how prophet comes to the world at a certain time, and how he is able to exhibit supernatural or ultra-natural events and incidents. The prophet sees and knows many things which we do not see or know of.

Although the real· miracle lies in the very existence of the prophet, in his message and in the light of his acts, yet there are many who are not able to read these divinely given signs and they desire the exhibition of material signs which are, at last, shown them.

Since Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last of the prophets and entrusted with teachings for the whole of mankind, he was also given miracles aiming at all mankind. While his behaviour and habits were themselves miraculous, so was the Book entrusted to him; his spiritual powers, his “Mi’raj”, his visions of the past and of the future.

During his battles, clear aid through the angels was a prominent feature. The light of his face, the miraculous effect of his words and the compelling force of his morality; all these were of the nature of miracles and had their due effect, and aid him in attaining the goal set for him.

This book is neither the first nor the only one on the subject. But it is certainly the most comprehensive and systematic of all. The basic sources of the book are the Qur’an and Hadith and then the original historical books. Some of them are:

1. Al-Sihah Al-Sitta, i.e., the six authentic books of Hadith.

2. Asha-hus Siyar by Abdur Ra’uf Danapuri.

3. Rahmat-ulil-Alamin by Qazi Muhammad Sulaiman Mansurpuri.

4. Siratun Nabi by Allama Shibli Numani and Allamah Syed Sulaiman Nadwi.

5. Nabi-e-Rahmat by Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi.

6. Al-sira al-Nabawiyyah by Ibn Hisham.

7. Al-Bidaya wal-Nihayah by Ibn Kathir.

8. Al-Kamil fil Tarikh by Ibn Athir.

9. Mohd. The Final Messanger.

I hope the readers in general will benefit from this book.

Okhla, New Delhi

Badr Azimabadi

February I, 1993

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